As every year, the Alpha Ets Association organizes an art exhibition on the occasion of its foundation anniversary with the main objective of highlighting and carving out a space for young emerging local and non-local artists.
President Alpha, Dr. Invernizio Antonietta, creator and founder, after the ‘Art for Rebirth’ project which involved 28 structures, once again insists on our territory and on art as an effective means of communication. She continues by stating: “Art is language, it allows you to say what you would like when words cannot or are not enough”.

Right and essential arm was Antonio Scribano, awarded in the last edition ” Addictions and voids of the soul ” chosen today as co-organizer of the same.

The exhibition took place at the Polycultural Museum of Vittoria (former prison) on January 4-5-6. It took the name of CONTACT, referring to that contact now almost prohibited following the pandemic, all that is missing but which is essential to man. The works exhibited were in fact developed during this long period of ‘change and readjustment’ to the new way of life and each of them is a message to be observed and deciphered.

We thank the participants who contributed to the realization of the event with their works.

Jenny Di Maria, Vittoria.
Flavia Albani, Acate.
Giulia Parisi, Vittoria.
Davide Parisi, Vittoria.
Antonio Scribano, PH

The exhibition has been extended to January 10, 2022.




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